Pressure Washing Fences

There are two types of fences: Wood and PVC (sometimes referred to as vinyl).

White PVC fences are the easiest to maintain.  The drawback, however, is that they need frequent cleaning to maintain a fresh appearance.  Algae and mildew, along with lichen (a type of fungus), can quickly ruin the aesthetic value of your fencing.  Typically, pressure washing a PVC fence is relatively easy.  However, longer wait times in between cleanings allows the algae to grow thicker and harder making removal very tedious and may increase your cleaning cost.

Wood fences require a different cleaning agent.  At Riverview Pressure Cleaning, we use an environmentally friendly, non-bleach cleaning solution to clean wood fences.  It is a very time consuming project as we move up and down each board, one at a time.  Wood is very unforgiving of mistakes, so we take our time and do it right.


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