Pressure Washing

One question I am frequently asked is,
“What is the black stuff on my driveway?”

The answer is mold and mildew.  Here in Florida, with our warm, humid climate, this is a common problem.  Green algae can also grow in areas frequently shaded.  Overspray from landscape sprinklers can further promote these problems on sidewalks and produce undesirable results much faster.  Not only does it look bad, but if left untreated, algae can build up to the point that it is a slipping hazard to you and your neighbors.  Most HOA neighborhoods do not like these unsightly areas and ask that you clean the concrete on a regular basis, both for aesthetics and for the safety of everyone.  At Riverview Pressure Cleaning, we use a large surface cleaner combined with high pressure to get down into the pores of the 

concrete and scrub out all the mold, mildew and algae.  Our last step is to apply a mild chemical rinse.  This rinse soaks in to the pores of the concrete and kills any residual mold, mildew and algae preventing its immediate return.  The result is a brighter, cleaner surface.

$10 Off

Mention this ad on the website and save $10 each when you and your next door neighbor schedule a driveway cleaning at the same time.
Our driveway price always includes the sidewalks to the property line and the walkway up to the front porch.

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