Pool Cage
Pressure Washing

Pool cages sit directly on top of a constant
source of moisture.

This moisture leads to algae much quicker than other exterior areas.  Additionally, any dust or dirt that settles on the cage and screens creates a habitat and a food source for algae to grow.  Large shade trees in communities like Lithia and Valrico also contribute to rapid algae growth.

Similar to home exteriors, pool cages and screens do not need high pressure to properly clean. I have seen many cages with permanent damage to the paint due to excessive pressure.  At Riverview Pressure Cleaning, we spray the cage and screens with a mild cleaning solution prior to washing.  This helps to break down the algae and loosens the dirt and dust which enables us to use a lower, safer pressure to clean your enclosure.

Riverview Pressure Cleaning offers a 30 day guarantee on cage and screen cleaning.  If you find an area that needs to be redone, no matter how small, we will come back and make it right.  Our #1 goal is your satisfaction.

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