Paver Cleaning
and Sealing

Pavers get dirty just like concrete.

The buildup of mold and mildew can be an eyesore on beautiful pavers.  Additionally, UVA/UVB from the sun can bleach out the colorful patterns and leave you with a dull driveway or patio.

Pavers can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, but have the same characteristics of concrete.  As such, the cleaning is nearly identical.  At Riverview Pressure Cleaning, we use a 20” surface cleaner rather than a gun and nozzle to clean pavers.  This helps to keep the sand with the pavers instead of spraying it into the yard.  A soft rinse is used to move the dirty material off the pavers and allow the sand to settle back into place.

Once the cleaning is complete, the second option is sealing.  Although this step is optional, it is highly recommended to protect your pavers and keep them looking their best.

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